Thursday , November 26 2020

Chairman of the D66 Jetn Body TV is angry

W. 66 Party Leader Rob Jetan, Feyd leader Captain Tiuri Bude satisfied with a video that was shared yesterday on social media. The German Women's Movement discusses examples of women abused or corrupted by a 120db woman. Criminals walk around everywhere, according to women, "because we refuse to defend our borders."

Last month, the women's movement launched a campaign "Immigration Violence" and the German Transition Policy. The campaign was split by the German extreme right-wing party, NPD.

Halfway through the video: "We are confident of your immigration policy and we will face a young majority from an enemy society."

Waste policy

Finally, the video contains a video containing the content of the video, such as: Glenn Link, Plumber, W. 66 President Jetten and Prime Minister Ratt's photographs. The pictures say: "Ich habe es gewusst". The original video footage of the women's business has disappeared. It is not clear who they added.

Jetton says this video comes from a spectacular "ultra-right" society. He accuses Bodyte of "scum".

"The accusation of retorts, chelators and humanitarian torture into focusing on the Holocaust is the most unfortunate for Boudyth," Jeten says.

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