Thursday , November 26 2020

Microsoft and Sony are working on technology for gaming streaming now

Microsoft and Sony Games will work on applications for cloud computing. Companies that have signed up for these companies write on the Microsoft website.

According to companies, this is the "development of future cloud services integrated development to support sports and cash services."

Microsoft and Sony will screen out how Microsoft can use Azure for Microsoft's Streaming services (Microsoft) Streaming services. This can include PlayStation Now, allowing former subscribers to download and install the old PlayStation Games Kits without the prior subscription.

In addition, a good growth platform for cooperation, for example, players designers, companies say. Much of the description is no longer revealed.

Sonic director Konichiro Yoshida says this collaboration will continue to deliver interactive content from PlayStation. "Both companies compete for the competition," he says. With the Xbox, Microsoft has installed its gaming console in front of the Sony PlayStation 4. "This partnership provides Sony users with Azure and Azure AI powering new opportunities for gaming and entertainment."

Microsoft and Google services

Microsoft Launches Its Streaming Service: xCloud. People need to stream Xbox games on various devices.

Google is such a streaming service. For example, you can search in Google Chrome for Chrome browser. This does not require a powerful (sports) computer. Google's promise with services includes 4K resolutions and images with 60 seconds images.

When Microsoft's and Google's services are not yet visible, it's still not known.

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