Saturday , May 8 2021

Therapy saved Ariane Grande's life

Ariana responded to social media about the questions of a lover about her new album, "Thank You, Next," in which she thanked her for everything she had learned from them. "Who is the therapist Ariane and accepts these new clients," one of the fans asked. The 25-year-old Grande caught this remarks in order to talk openly about her experience with therapy. "This is very funny because she has saved my life so many times in the whole therapy of honesty," she wrote. "Do not be afraid to seek help, you do not have to live in pain all the time and you can deal with traumas, I still have a lot of work, but it's the beginning and shows that's possible."

The singer had to fight post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSP) for the attack on her 2017 concert with 22 deaths. In September, her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died of overdose and shortly after she and Pete Davidson broke up their engagement.

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