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The BldD appears to be more painful on the Titan


Kieran Foran masterclass 16-5, beat Bulldogs SC.

Titanic trainer Gart Brennan was named last week's second semi-slaughter against Shark, his "Gupta" and "Mental".

This is the third time that the Titans left. The leaders of the Wests Tigers 14-0 team were only 14-0. 26-18, 26-18, to 18-18. Part time.

Jade Okunbur (60) and Jacques Koger (69), John Cocherchery (60) left ten of their test record for the first ten minutes of the game.

10,105 Titanic's Jolly Wolves was on the wrong side of the gigantic gem and he dropped an antennae down and put Jesse Arthur down. However, the officers correctly determined that they had attempted to capture him.

Titans gave him a chance for the second time, again calling again, and Bleyne fell on the ground.

In the final, Ashley Taylor's final match was played at the end of the final.

While standing at the pier, Bolldog lifted away the posture. But the Contourbery wanted to reverse it, just like it did.

During the completion of their first set and their second place, the dog gave five punishments by committing four mistakes. The 79% ownership of the United States, and the full rate of completion, ranged from 16-0 per minute to 17 minutes.

The time and space given to Jay Care by Kerry's point gave him time and space that he needed to direct for the 50th minute of the Deal Cop Creek. Seven minutes after his 51st, there was a similar left turn.

Dilan Napha and then Will Hortat bowled the ball to the ball. The shift to the left center can help to return to hell a week after security.

Taylor was coming home with two punches, but when the bug started, the score quickly followed.

By Centerer, Bent by AJ Brianzen gave the target line a rewarding look. Fortun was able to gain a wider range in order to obtain a millimeter from Germany.

Nick Meaney converted it into a 10-point shortage and created it further to reduce it, and it was followed by a 30-mile race track behind a mulching cutter behind a winning team.

Titan began to tremble a long time after Taylor long after the second half began, and the Bulldogs slammed rapidly.

Okunor and Montgomery, the hosts retaliated by strangers on the ground. After finishing a penalty, Forne gave another superb ball to Okunbur and left his 18th minute with Keenberbary's 18-18 lead in the game, leaving only 18 minutes to play.

Both teams made mistakes because of Kelly's wrongdoing by Kelly at the Bolognese Court on 30 test cricket. The Kellogg and Tyronne Robbers triumphed for the 11-for-a-half-year finish of the Bullgong's third victory.

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