Wednesday , April 14 2021

Coronarefs: – Cracks in all channels

Conservative Party parliamentary leader Trondhein Hollande was shot in Stotin’s rostrum under the direction of health officials.

– At the moment I think I have received various signals from government officials. Some show infection numbers, some care about R-numbers, and some care about vaccine passports.

He later admitted to criticizing the government for holding too many press conferences and again blaming the FHI and the Norwegian Board of Health.

“It is better for the government to hold a press conference than to be confused by statements that diverge in every direction on every channel,” Heland said.

Suspicious of foreign trips in June

Suspicious of foreign trips in June

R-Height vs. Smitetol

On Monday, Assistant Director of Health Espen Naxstad said that Norway needed less than 200 infected patients daily to reopen.

– We need less than 200 infected patients a day to start thinking about reopening, Naxstad said.

With less than 200 patients being infected daily in Norway, the last time we were at a stable level was at the end of October 2020, ”Knuckstad told Duckbladet in-depth comments.

place: This is what Erna Solberg says about the potential for overseas travel this summer. Photo: NTB
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He pointed out that when there are more than 150 infected people a day, we in Norway have never been able to keep the numbers steady.

But on Tuesday night, FHI director Camilla Stoltenberg chose to highlight the R-number, saying that the long 1 should be less than 1 before the club reopens.


Like Hollande, Labor leader Jonas Gar Stair calls for better communication with the authorities in the future.

Stearns also saw frustration within his own ranks in the Conservative Party over the way health authorities communicate differently.

– I think there are more people who share but the government should solve it. They cannot be held accountable to the health authorities who are responsible for it. They need to make sure they have perfect communication. Some say it should be less than 200 cases before we open it, while others say the R-number should be at some level over such and long periods of time. It creates uncertainty for all those who follow these messages and the government should clean it up, says Steer Dougbladet.

Here is Erna's reopening plan

Here is Erna’s reopening plan

Price of transparency

Prime Minister Erna Solberg says the price of being largely open about epidemic management, infection rates and measures is somewhat divergent communication.

– I understand the store is criticizing this, because it’s hard for us too. But keep in mind that there are a large number of media reports every day, all journalists often ask us, then the communication strategy can be difficult. There I can understand Stearns’ critique. But the price of being open is that the government has allowed so many people to speak in the media, so much openness, and Solberg tells Dagbladet that it is not always the same word and tone from everyone.

Health Minister Bent Hay (H) added:

– We as political politicians are also generous to the health authorities about such things. Because we know from experience that the headlines and prefaces do not always change as we expected.

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