Saturday , December 5 2020

He was expelled from the police – inside a tree

Three-wheeler: This is the tree that the driver should attack when he is killed in an accident on Friday. Photograph: Whittle Hoversen, V.

A 30-year-old man, who escaped police control, died after falling over a tree.

Around 23.50, a car in Surfersburg was needed to stop a car. However, the driver has decided to stop Police.

"As soon as the message was received, it was announced that the car had entered a tree," said Operations Manager Giselle W. W. G.


The police attempted to stop the driver before a deadly accident on E39 by Christian and Android

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First patrol started in the ambulance. Life could not be saved, and man was said to have died in the place.

– The car was patrolling the march. Patrol went back. But I can not say much about the details of this. I can tell you that a car has been missed until the car accident receives it, talking about a short period of time.


Three traffic police cars have been killed since March 2015

He says that the car has been constantly controlled due to the driver's behavior. The Police Bureau is constantly informed and will investigate.

A traffic accident in the Eastern Police Division too is being investigated. The head of the operation will be investigating this place by forensic scientists. In addition, any witnesses should be questioned.

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