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KEiiNO is incorrect – The final song of the Eurovision Song Contest

Tel Aruww / OL (VG) Tom Hugo Hermenson lost in the first chorus. But KEiiNO was the last place in Tel Aviv.

Thursday 10 euro countries went to the final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Tom Hugo, Alexandra Rothan and Fred Bulgho arrived in Norway on Saturday.

In the two rows of Hermonds, the "soul in the spirit" in the beginning, the words "to call me at night" and "I will see a soul in the sky". Their song is different from the song.

But it was cute in the Quarter quarter-final of Tel Aviv on Thursday night. The 39-year-old said: "At night, I can hear you talking with me."

– Yes, that's right. The final contest must have something to be developed, N.K.

However, the group was pleased with their own efforts:

– What experience! They sang songs in the dancing room and singing with joy. We were really happy and we want to do it again. Now we are coming to our fingertips. Alexandra Rotten said that the entire team "Speed ​​On Fire" was over for the entire team.

VG's reviewer, Torah Martin Butt, on the other hand, threw KEiiNO Dice three times.

Norway No. 15, and last in the semi-final between two of the 18 artists. Norwegian Melody Grand Prix President Morton Thomson has a positive idea of ​​the final fight:

– I am 99.73% sure that after the performance he declared – before announcing the voices.

he is right. Norway, Sweden, Sweden, Norway and Norway. Finally, 26 countries participate in the competition.

Controversial music party

It is rarely in Italy for the Eurovision this year. Two weeks before the song from the Euro, there were a large number of tickets available for the musical demonstration in Israel. Tel Aviv's hotel prices went down.

Over the past year, Eurolean has paid more attention to it, but it is often held in Israel. Artists scattered throughout Europe wanted to boycott the music festival.

The call for artists and cultural workers, calling for this to happen in a country that refuses other basic human rights.

In April, Dollarsson wrote 75 Norwegian artists to a € EUR strike by Eurovision. Since then, more than 70 Hungarian Norwegian artists have signed. On Thursday, the Republican Kapoor Caspian band has been debating and staging a debate on Instagram that encourages a black screen.

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