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ANIMALS: The Zero Conference refers to itself as Norway's most important meeting place for those who are interested in the climate. But what ordinary people bring, the price is reduced, says Nature and Young People.


Enjoy the party to get things done! congressman Ingvild K. Rrholt is delighted at the conference hall at the Zerok conference on Wednesday evening.

They were gathered for more, 773 participants this week participated in what is called Norway's most important meeting place for all those who are engaged in climate, according to the web site. Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) talked with Equity chief Eldar Streem, who spoke with UN Club President Hoesung Lee.

Two days of lectures and workshops cost 7995 kronor. For students, politicians and non-profit organizations, the price is NOK 2995. In addition, the dinner is NOK 950.

It's a bit stiff. If there are young people who want to go but can not afford it, that's a very search. It's so important to learn, and thanks to people like Solberg and Equinor's boss who do not usually talk about other environmental-related events. When you really have the opportunity to say what climate talk is, it should be nice and affordable, says Gaute Eiterjord, Nature and Youth Manager (NOW).

A US member volunteers at a conference and gets a free pass. If they did not receive this offer, they should not send someone, explains Eiterjord.

Still, Zero will pray for his pure hand in big nightlife pictures to talk about the climate. Half of the participants are leaders. There are three states, twelve MP and 159 advisors.


zero conference

• Oslo Conference on Climate and Technology.

• Organized environmental organization ZERO, independent, ideal environmental protection.

• Yara is the main partner. Other partners include Avinor, Equinor, Gassnova, SAS and Bertel O. Steen.

Too many distances

Making triple return investments available to everyone, the Lord of Norwegian export success, so we can make billions of hydrogen. These are the headlines of some lectures at the conference. Betting on hydrogen and electrification was commended at prices. This points to an important border line in the Norwegian circular movement, says Eiterjord.

Only technology can not save us. Zero's conference discusses how New Roads can contribute to climate-friendly road construction, but may not be the one who asks whether climate adaptation to new motorways. I would lower the price of the BCE more. Otherwise, it can be fast so that everyone agrees, not because of resistance, he says.

Is there a space for different obligations?

Yes, but it is important that people at the Zero Conference are challenging and difficult to answer, how to reduce spending, not just how to make money.

Contrary to the Zero Conference, it is the Bridge of the Future, freely organizing the Environmental Protection Movement, the Trade Union Movement and the Church.

Maybe the problem is that we are all present. They wonder if these groups will talk more together. If someone is just talking about mobilization, and others just talk about nightlife, without seeing it collapsing, we do not read the climate crisis, says Eiterjord.

Missing young voices

There is only one student in the list present at the Zerok Conference. This is due to the ticket price of about half the monthly network of studies, says Hege Skarrud, head of the Environmental Protection and Spire organization. The organization consists of students in climatic subjects.

Participation in discussion and access to information should not be so much appreciated for those in the group. This is what we see in more such conferences to talk about technology becoming a non-life actor with money and closed to others.

Is not it important that nightlife has its own arena?

Not. It is not appropriate for a business community to close, nor will other actors who are opposed to be excluded. The UN Cluster Report talks about 2050 and 2100. We are the ones who will live then. That is why it is important for our voice to become sharp.

You are welcome to zero

Marius Holm, the leader of zero, says he firmly insists that young people and students can not pay the ticket price.

We therefore offer the opportunity to contribute as a voluntary and free entry, and we sell discounted tickets for losses to non-governmental organizations. In addition, we've been broadcasting the whole program from the main scene, the Miljø organizer and the free ticket. If Eiterjord took advantage of it, among others, like Eldar Stre and Siv Jensen, it could cause oil exploration, Holm writes in an e-mail.

He points out that the conference is largely unconventional.

Zero has a clear agenda: we will influence people who have the power to make better climate decisions. I think that I would like youth organizations to appreciate, as today's spokeswoman is the last opportunity to stop climate change quickly enough.

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