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Ma'sman from the Townsing Municipal Council


A case of measles has recently been discovered in the Tinsin city council. Knut Selmer, a nook from Tynsette's doctor's office Thursday, reports.

Most in Norway are protected from measles. Because they have the disease or have injected them. In 1969, the Mussels vaccine program was introduced in Norway for the Children's Injury Program. Before 1960, he was born with a syringe. After the vaccination program has been vaccinated in the 1970s, people have been protected. All Norwegian babies are vaccinated (MMR vaccine) and have been given 15 months and the sixth grade of elementary school is repeated.

Norwegian officials stress the importance of following the vaccine program. Infants who have not been vaccinated MMR are exposed to infections for European countries. For this, it is advisable to speed up vaccination before holidays. The initial period of vaccinations is 9 months.

Many people are not dangerous for fertility. But the disease is acute and gets a certain amount of pain. Symptoms usually happen from days 10 to 14 days.

The characteristics of buyers?

Usually measles symptoms are for 3-4 days illnesses like fever and cold. White spots can be found in the mouth.

After the first few days you will be a bit better before you get a fever again.

It usually starts at both sides of the ears and spreads rapidly throughout the body.

While they are at rest with symptoms of measles, their GP / GP prior to a meeting to avoid another infection. Therefore, a doctor or nurse has no reason to come to the doctor's office or emergency room without prior notice.

How does vaccine work?

Injections control part of the body, or microorganisms that are needed for protection. The immune system learns to recognize the "enemy". If the vaccine is infected later, the immune system responds quickly and better. So it's better to protect ourselves from diseases. Immunity has been made to vaccinate.

A case in Tynsetet is rare, and the disease has occurred in a person injected with a vaccine. Acne is more infections than acne. For example, it is important to infect fever, unwashed and injected children.

– If you need a vaccination vaccine, call the Health Center for Vaccines. The telephone number for Tynsetet's health center is 62 48 51 53.

You also recommend Helsenorge.no – "my vaccines" to check on the vaccine.

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