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Miley Cyrus takes on nonsense – VG

POP VETERAN: Millie Cyrus can brag for more than 14 years. Here at a fashion show in New York in February this year. Photo: Idris Solomon / Reuters

Miley Cyrus (28) appeared bold on the front page of Rolling Stone but brave on Twitter.

The American pop star has the honor of embellishing the latest issue of Music Magazine.

In a large interview with photos, she talks about her “album” Plastic Hearts, her time as a child star in “Hannah Montana”, and her turbulent love life – How she has changed her lifestyle in recent months and screwed the cap on the bottle.

But not only does she reveal her personality and career, Millie just puts her hands in front of her breasts and raises them up. in front of plane, Especially.

alone Twitter-ContoShe has more than 45 million followers, and the 28-year-old shows off her freely split upper body. This picture is not in the magazine.

«They told me to cover myself, so I did the oppositeShe writes over the picture of Millie helpless, where she smiles rebelliously.

Despite a new and healthier lifestyle, the pop artist has kept his rebellious side.

you remember? Millie regrets being naked

VG’s reviewer is not impressed with the star’s latest release. Got two cormorants on “plastic hearts” dice.

«Orally, Cyrus is tired. The lifestyle has now strengthened her 28-year-old mouth ords“, He writes it down and adds”It’s a tired rock, a wrinkle pop and a release feature.

Looking back at some of the sensational effects on VGTV:

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