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On the 18th of May, he arrived at the National and Day Night Constable

Within 30 hours there were 500 police officers.


– More and more additional patches are busy fighting. Many people are drunk. Operations Manager Tataana Khanapan, Director General of the Western and Eastern Areas said, "We are on the water and water.

– Someone was crawling into the tunnel, and others were crying in the road.

Even on May 17 and practically every day, people have been hurt by the ceremony.

Bottles in the head

But the police are ugly on the night of May 18. At 3:13 pm, he was informed that a person was beaten with a bottle by the head of his head, and the three of them had left the scene.

Fire in a separate house in Fjell

– We sent some yards to the area and in the 20th century a man was arrested. Cape Town says that the wounded was in mid 40's and was sent to Hookland.

The wicket was sloppy

The operating button is said to have been registered in the West Bank for 380 days.

In the first four hours of May, four witnessed another 100 assignments. At around 630 hours, the police had over 500 operations in about 30 hours.

The boy (6) hit the straw

– That's a lot. It's worth noting that we are doing well. Especially in the streets of Burgher we had several guided tours. Clan says that without them, this was not good.

– Threatened with the drill

The following are some questions that the police leave for the night till May 18:

  • 00: 52: 00: 52: reported that a boat was caught in the port of Flair. No one was injured. A suspect in a boat to bring a boat into a affected state. Blood was sent to the emergency room for blood tests.
  • An aggressive man was reported in Norden. He reported on Stangeren's automobile license mismatch and reporting. They were arrested.
  • 01.15 A person who had been in the vicinity of the St. Paul's Church in the center of Burgenland was notified of a person. According to Capan, he has "been consumed with alcohol and imprisoned".
  • 01.20: A boat driver (29) was arrested in the midst of a Borough city police station. He was accused of driving in the sea.
  • 01.35: After drunken man tunnel shut off the Floydifile Tunnel.
  • 01.40: Bredwell of Northeast. Reported that the vehicle was over. In the middle of mid-century, the driver was taken to Hookland and was taken into custody. There's no other people in the car. No.
  • 04.40: After a bridge ride, the woman from Stangel was arrested. Operations leader Cappu admitted that she was drunk. Blood testing and driver card insertion

Praising the Russians

The button says that Russia has behaved this time. There was no problem for the police.

– They're a vast majority. She often says that the actors have acted, but she's busy.

Straight arrest

Friends of the buttons in the South West Police Department have reported that their 20-year-old man has reportedly been involved in drug use and possession.

On Twitter, they write: "Many Russians entered the camp and raised a lot of clarity, and finally, the police gave them a good support." This happened in Stoddie.

From the night of 18 May, his man, a 50-year-old man, reported that he had not been in the middle of Stord City after receiving this order. He was also reported to have attacked a public official. They were arrested.

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