Monday , April 12 2021

Oslo Børs opens

In the light of the stock market on Wall Street and Asia, Oslo Børs opens on Thursday.

After 20 minutes of trading, the main index was 898.66, which was 0.34 percent, and the shares traded for 593 million.

oil prices

Brent oil is an increase of 0.29 percent to $ 72.28, while WTI oil is up 0.32 percent to $ 61.87 a barrel.

By comparison, at least in the North Sea, $ 72.47 was traded at the Oslo Stock Exchange in Oslo on Wednesday.

Although the stock market has risen in recent days, it is still somewhat lower than when the Osasca Stock Exchange was closed yesterday. This is because prices fall after the US stockbrokers were announced on Wednesday.

According to data from the Environmental Impact Assessment, US stocks in recent weeks have risen by 5.8 million barrels, claims TDN Direct. The construction of 2.4 million barrels is planned.

Otherwise, according to the press agency, Tass reported yesterday that Russia and Saudi Arabia began to discuss reducing production in 2019.

Commander Ole Hansen of Saxo Bank says Opec and Russia can support the $ 70 a barrel.

"The introduction of US sanctions earlier this week against Iran has failed to abolish the market given the announcement that eight countries, including the three largest importers, will be granted an exemption for raising Iran's crude oil for up to six months," he told Reuters. TDN directly.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said, according to the press agency, that the oil market is still "very balanced".

Equinor fell by 0.09 percent to 216.20 kroner. Aker BP dropped 0.44 percent to 269.40 kunas, while DNO was unchanged at 16.33 percent.

result Rush

The series of quarterly data was released on Thursday Here you can see everything.

Among those that get the most on the stock market after the release of the results are Subsea 7, which is 4.80 percent lower than $ 96.20 for a large amount. The company has just met analyst expectations for the Q3, but delivered less than in the same period last year.

The company also reported to see lower sales and adjusted EBITDA by 2019 than in 2018.

The photo is also punished by the stock exchange, and the stock has now dropped by 14.80 percent to NOK 47.20. The company was still losing money in the third quarter.

Nor did Idex have redeemed red numbers in the third quarter, and the shares weakened by 8.54 percent to NOK 4.82.

Kjell Inge Røkkes Aker also presented his third quarterly report on Thursday morning. The share was reduced by 1.11 percent to 625.00 kr.

Fingers up

Today's ups are fish stocks.

Lerøy seafood doubled the bottom in the third quarter and was rewarded with an increase of 4.29 percent to NOK 79.30.

Austevoll Seafood also can show strong growth in the bottom, and inventories are now 4.52 percent to 138.60 kr.

Grieg Seafood, who presented his figures for the third quarter on Wednesday, climbs 6.43 percent to 127.50 kr.

Otherwise, Marine Harvest for John Fredriksen grows 2.35 percent to $ 202.30, while SalMar is growing at 2.54 percent to 461.00. Norway's Royal Salmon has risen 2.58 percent to 219.00 kr.


On Thursday morning, he reported that Element and Alpha Blue Ocean (ABO) arrange a sleeping period for a tranche of three.

It sends the Element's share by 13.39 percent to 1.99 kr.

According to the announcement, unity implies that ABO is not allowed to implement a tranche of $ 500 million in three facilities before January 31, 2019, unless the share of the Element reaches four cores.

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