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The complaint has been rejected by Euroconne's NRK

Camera error: Something wrong with the cameraman during a junior test when KEiiNO appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest. Photograph: Jack Gees / AFP

TEL AVIV / OSLO (VG) The Eurovision Song Contest complained to the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest due to the bugging of the NRK camera. The complaint was rejected.

There was something wrong with KEiiNO when playing the Eurovision Song Contest in the June test of the Tele Efficiency Eurovision Song Contest. Television pictures according to National Television are incorrect. The demand for repeat performance led to the National Carrier.

This was rejected by the organizer and NRK decided to file a formal complaint to request KEiiNO permission to act again. The complaint was rejected by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

– We are decisively frustrated and the Jurassic hopes that the jury will not be negatively affected, said chief representative of the NRK, Stig Karlsen.

The jury tests should evaluate artists and their performance across Europe across Europe. The vote is 50%. The other part is resolved through telephone calls from the general public.

KEiiNO responds responsibly through the Missions Head of the Republic, officially responding to the complaint,

"Tom Hugo can be so surprised at the production that was sung by the right motto, it's more than they are and the picture disappears," says The NRK's ​​Norwegian newspaper.

It is still taking place with the Malthors Grand Prix followed by Swedish Clearzberg and Mathis Hattah with the "Samed Eden" in the 1980 final winner:

– It's a mistake in Fred's microphone, Joyce is stronger than strong guns. Watching about 200 million people on the night of Saturday night.


According to the NRK, the screen black during the black screen, with the KEiiNO song "Spirit In The Sky". When the pictures returned, the cameraman was in the picture.

– Filing a complaint with Television pictures under Norway's authority in Norway. The organizer immediately informed us that the consequences of the trial of the jury group have no consequences. Therefore, the NRK has formally lodged a complaint with NK. Republican Andrze Blau-Hual writes a letter to VG.

– This is a serious technical error of the product. Norwegian counting jury is Norway.

But the complaint has been rejected, KEiiNO will not be able to poetise the song for the discipline column.

It's not known whether a technical problem exists for KEiiNO. Juries will explore musical instruments.

– It was a large camera in the Norwegian operation. It was completely black, and one saw the photographer. There is nothing to say for jury's assessment. It's the song to be judged. But for the citizens of Norway, this is a pity. Toe Blake, one of Europe's best-selling blacks,

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