Saturday , December 5 2020

The rust of the "lode" of Claude passed

Kyrgios completely lost his head and was struck by Ruwad in the third over of the third wicket. So he did not continue the race.

The Kyrgios tennis rebelliousness has been repeated several times in the Test. On Thursday he followed a new negative chapter.

Kirgios' victory in 13th place in 2016 and world rankings 36th in 2016, while Norwegian engineer Juan Martin del Potro meets Norwegian

This game is due to be played on Thursday.

The strong opposition of Kirgius Ruud is another sign of the delightful Norwegian ship del Puerto. Del Puerto won 22 of his career. United States Open Win (against Roger Federer in 2009).

In addition, he lost the final match of the WING at the WING (a New Zealand Prize in 2018) and won the silver in the 2016 silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Andy Murray). DellPro has been ranked No. 1 in No. 201 in August 2018.

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Very well played Bowl opening. For the first time he was 0-30 years old.

Then the Norwegian broke down when he screw the tapes. Once again, the Australians were 30-0 and once again showed the argued musings. He was 20 years old and 2-0. Ruwoud wrapped up four wickets and climbed up to 3-0, began to catch the ball and serve Front of Serv.

In addition, many accusations were made during the interruptions of the interruption, and in some cases the gypsies of Rome were lost.

When his 5-3 victory was halted, Rowd won his service.

The second set was smoother. Rowd again showed strength and was the seventh gamble of the 4-3 Leadership.

During that time, Casujio woke up and began to show much on the pitch. This set should be decided in triple. Kyrgios was the best 7-5. He celebrated water bottles for soap.

Mood swings quickly. A few minutes later, Kriegios put the gear into the gear and put gravel in Rome. Then he first rolled into a jetty.

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