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– They should be sent out – VG

Heavy: Serbia national team coach Lubomir Obradovic has two corona-infected players at the European handball championship in Denmark. Here’s from last year’s World Cup. Photo: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

Serbia has received two European Championship players who have been diagnosed with corona infection. Handball specialist Bent Swell thinks it’s just a solution.

A Serbian athlete who arrived in Denmark on Thursday received a positive crown test. The next day another case was brought before the pool.

– They came with an infected athlete. Now they have another. “I think they should be sent out of the European Championships,” TV 2 specialist Bent Swell told NTB.

Serbia’s opening match against the Netherlands has been postponed until Thursday night. This was scheduled for Friday.

Ole Erwick, a veteran of TV3 and former national team goalkeeper, is in Denmark. He thinks it’s a reason to be a little calmer than what Swell says.

– They will make a decision tomorrow (Saturday) after a new investigation. If it is positive, it only makes sense to send the team back to the airport. I don’t think the European Handball Federation (EHF) had many options then. As a result, they’re less likely to be sent home than to be taken to the European Championship bubble.

Corona is not afraid

Now the new Corona-positive athlete and her space friend are isolated. The rest of the group is also isolated and should be crowned on Saturday.

Veterans: Ole Erevik is in Denmark for TV 3. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

Erevic believes that Serbia’s presence in the European Championships is an unnecessary risk if the two players test positive again. TV3 Specialist Yahweh does not experience corona fear in Denmark.

– No, I’m not at least among the media representatives around me. And don’t harass the players I talked to. Many people want to play in the European Championships and despite this situation they think it is very good to play. The regime here is reasonably comforting. The events in Serbia may now be some kind of evidence that the guidelines are working, says Erevik VG.

The rules of the European Championship state that players and managers who show a negative test are exonerated. “In order to maintain the safety of the players, the infection control protocol will be followed to the article,” the EHF announced Friday morning.

The EHF fears that the spread of the infection could cause competition difficulties and that it would pose event-related challenges.

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WANTS SERBIA OUT EC: TV 2 Handball Specialist Bent Swell. Photographed here last year. Photo: Ole Christian Strom / VG

The Serbia-Netherlands postponement means the teams will play both Saturday and Sunday. It’s a burden that players or managers don’t appreciate. There are not many free days to switch matches. The new case of Serbia’s squad creates a small crisis for the organizer.

– We’re really upset, Danish handball president Per Bertelson told Extra Blood.

That was before another positive test for Serbia.

Ahead of the European Championships, Norwegian national team manager Thorir Harjirson said he was “extremely pleased” with the way teams deal with infections.

– I think everyone is upset about this. Now we feel safe if we have a good week for this. The biggest risk is probably the day all the teams arrive. So yeah, I’m a little nervous, but I’m still calm about it. That’s the only thing I can do, “national team captain Stein Bridal told the NDB.

When Norway defeated Poland on Thursday, Nora Mark was surprised to return:

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Hungary and Croatia are the other two Group C countries. They play in the same city as Norway (Colding). The groups also stay in the same hotel.

The match went on

The rest of Serbia’s squad had negative tests on Thursday but will have to sit in a hotel room until they show another negative round.

The Serbs’ match against the Netherlands was scheduled for Friday and has been running for 24 hours and is now scheduled for Saturday night.

The Serbian squad will be crowned again on Saturday morning.

Earlier in the European Championships, a Romanian athlete was tested positive. The other team that played against Germany on Thursday lost 19-22.

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