Saturday , December 5 2020

– We do not know what will happen

Ada Heggerberg gives Chelsea points with Delphine Kaskato (center) and Lucie Bronze (TSV). Picture: Laurent Kipraani / TVV new office

Agatha Hegerberg's agent has rumored about burgers, but VG has said she knows nothing.

The two teams are playing in the Champions League final in Budapest on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Spanish newspaper Newspaper Sports reported that Barça was looking at Ada Hagberg. According to the newspaper, Berzsen has been with Lian for the Norwegian attacker.

– We can not say anything at this time right now. We do not know that something is going on behind the closed doors. Hannover's spokesman, Vern Bernard, told VG.


Hegerberg and Lion won big scores

Ada Hagberg won gold in December and was attractive to the world's best clubs. Since 2014, she has played lion and has achieved great success. The work written last year in Hengburg was tied to the line until summer 2021.

Hegerberg's goal as a queen, over the past three years, the club has won the Champions League title and will have four on 18 May. At age 23, she has 41 league championships.

The Spanish newspaper suggests that the Barcelona Women's Women's Football Challenge could be a sign of energy demand for the star Hegerberg.


Breeding details for "Hangpocks": – It's provocative

Norway has banned the World Cup for Norway, according to Ada Hagberg.

In this match, 23 matches are played in 25 matches. She plays a crazy number in the Lynn profession: playing 163 games at Wikipedia.

Barcelona is another Carolinian coming from Wolverhampton yet another Norwegian star. Jennifer Hermosa has been downloaded from Antarctic Madrid.

For the Champions League final, Barcelona is for the first time women.

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