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Elections 2021 | Yonhee Lescano: “I respect scientific support as well as popular medicine.”

Presidential candidate Popular action, Yonhee LescanoUpon his arrival at the palace, he assured that his decisions on medical matters would be made “with well-established and technical assistance.” When asked his statements about treatment COVID-19He showed respect for “folk medicine.”

“I respect scientific support and it should be used the most, but I also respect popular medicine and non – scientifically supported medicine, but people use it because it’s good for them. “I’m going to take my little trash can so I do not get sick with the coronary virus.” You need to know what’s going on in the city and how to use this popular medicine.

In an interview with the doctor Elmer Huerta For Important space, When he reached the presidency and when it was discovered that the previous administration had obtained the required vaccines, COVID-19, The role of your government is to quickly manage the shipment of vaccines to reach the country. In this regard, he considered that there should be a management capacity to “fulfill and execute contracts”.

Yonhee Lescano He also defended the proposal to ask laboratories to give countries the formula for their vaccines so that they could be produced elsewhere. The candidate suggested joining other countries that are seeking an intellectual property ban to speed up the distribution of the vaccine.

“I would like to emphasize what I have suggested about two months ago: I am asking for a formula to make the vaccine reach Peru faster than elsewhere. He said.

In another case, Yonhee Lescano Considered by the plague COVID-19 It has been revealed that all health facilities in Peru do not have the infrastructure to respond to all emergencies and the importance of investing in primary health care through posts, medical centers and hospitals.

“That’s the only way we can move forward. I think the primary care in the posts is the most important thing to avoid. Apart from that, we thought we’d provide masks, masks and alcohol kits for prevention. We should invest in hospitals and medical centers and make oxygen plants.”

Candidate for investment in health centers Popular action He proposed to increase the budget of the health sector to at least 6% of GDP. He also explained that he was trying to strengthen the primary health care system by equipping posts and medical centers with oxygen and drugs.

Yonhee Lescano’s suggestions:

– Candidate suggested as a first step to expedite the purchase of vaccine with laboratories.

– that the injection formula is “supplied” so that laboratories can perform it in Peru. “If it is possible to produce vaccines in other countries, such as Argentina, it should be done,” he said.

– Regarding the previous proposal he explained that laboratories do not provide vaccines. “It calls for a ban on the intellectual property rights of the vaccine,” he said.

– Providing safety kits.

– Strengthening Intensive and Emergency Service Units.

– Purchase of intensive care units and oxygen plants.

– Activation of a service for the physical and mental care of people affected by COVID-19.

– Promoting scientific research.

“Any epidemic must be solved by strengthening the health system,” he said.

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