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Facebook: Thousands of laughs with a new parody of Leyla Chihuán [VIDEO]

November 5, 2018, 14:45.

Facebook users have not forgotten the "trolling" that Leyla Chihuán suffered a few days ago. IN social networks There is a funny parody of the unpleasant moment that the congressman from Fuerz Popular carried out in the hands of a Peruvian musician in front of the cell phone camera.

clipping Facebook revealed the laughter of thousands of Internet users who did not stop laughing about the ridiculous scene that is on their way to being viralized on the Internet. Comments already exceed hundreds and thousands of views.

As you recall, Leyla Chihuán she showed her anger with the jokes as soon as that happened, more than she said the Peruvian musician was totally ridiculous, for she agreed to go out in front of her camera, because she thought it was a simple greeting.

"If your intent was to offend, to despise, to offend or to do, there is a law (…) to prevent, punish and eradicate domestic violence against women and family members." I was with my son ah, carefully, added the parliamentarian A popular force that time

Increased parody in Facebook It is also divided with witty opinions, no doubt it is necessary and you will not stop laughing.

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