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Manchester City v. Borussia Dortmund: Watch the 2-1 ‘Citizen’ Goals, Summary and Highlight Video for the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

In the city of Manchester Defeated 2-1 Borussia Dortmund, In England this Tuesday, takes a slight advantage of facing the semi-finals Champions League, Next Wednesday in Germany.

Belgian Kevin de Bourne (19 ‘) surpasses Premier League captain In the city of Manchester. For his part, Marco Reus took Borussia Dortmund so far (84 ‘), but Phil Forden gave Pep Guardiola’s side the victory on the horn (90’).

those Manchester The city, Expecting four consecutive titles this season, he quickly confirmed against his favorite poster a in this tie. Borussia Dortmund He appeared without three pillars at the Etihad Stadium, along with Belgian midfielder Axel Witzel, Englishman Jordan Sancho and young Pearl Youssef Mouko.

Guardiola, on the other hand, left with his usual squad without a center, as Bernardo Silva as Fake 9, and Phil Forden, Riyadh Mahares and Kevin de Bruyne as the trio supporting the Portuguese.

The city was not forgiven for being in the first English dangerous drama. Maharashtra stole a ball in the middle of the field and set up a counter finished by De Burn with a low shot from the edge of the small area. (AFP)

Manchester City v. Borussia Dortmund: That’s how they played

City of Manchester: Ederson; Joe Cancello, Ruben Diaz, John Stones, Kyle Walker; Ilke Gundogan, Rodrigo; Phil Forden, Kevin de Bruyne, Riyad Mahares, Fernando Silva.

Borussia Dortmund: Mervyn Hits; Mathew Mori, Emre Can, Mats Hummels, Manuel Akanji; Jude Bellingham, Mahmoud Dahwood, Rafael Guerrero; Ansgar Knopf, Marco Reyes; Earling Holland.

Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund: Minuto Minoto

Preview: Manchester City vs. Dortmund for the Champions League

With the departure of Argentina’s Kun Aguirre this summer and the refusal of Pep Guardiola to pay a large sum of money to a striker, one of the best ‘nines’ in the world, the Norwegian Holland Spa Spanish coach, will make his way to the semi – finals between Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester City have five games left to win the long-awaited European Cup. The first match against Borussia Dortmund this Tuesday will see both teams expand their sponsorship due to differences in form, with Holland emerging as the biggest threat in the current Champions League with 10 points.

Pep Guardiola’s were caught up in the pace of the Champions League a few months ago and have not been released. Last Nov. It has dropped 30 wins since then, commanding the Sky Blues table, which has calculated the time to achieve their fifth Premier League title since the Arab investment came.

In addition, they have developed a defensive skill that makes them the lowest scoring team in the Premier League, and they have not agreed more than 700 minutes in Europe. The city have not scored a goal in the Champions League since Colombian Luis Diaz made it to the first leg of the group stage.

Manchester City v. Borussia Dortmund: World Schedules

Country hours
Mexico Pm 2.00
Management Peru Pm 2.00
Management Colombia Pm 2.00
Ecuador Pm 2.00
Argentina 4.00 pm
Chile 4.00 pm
In Uruguay 4.00 pm
Management Brazil 4.00 pm
Spa Spain 9:00 p.m.

That’s how Dortmund comes to be

Dortmund arrives at Etihad at a difficult time. Eintracht practically bid farewell to qualifying for the next Champions League, losing 1-2 to Frankfurt. The defeat leaves him in doubt as to the composition of the squad for the next season and his ability to retain key players.

For this reason, the duel against the city practically goes to the second stage of the current debate on Dortmund, who last withdrew from the Champions League in 2015.

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