Saturday , April 17 2021

The firefighter was injured when he shut down the fire in the oil plant

Lieutenant of the fire brigade César Ramos Tello was wounded when the fire in the oil plant, located in the village of Chosica del Norte in La Victoria, was extinguished.

Firefighters from Compañía Salvadora no. 27 managed to control the fire after the hard work and stoppage when Ramos tried to close the key of the factory cylinders, resulted in burns.

I hope he will soon recover and his injuries are not serious. My companion who helped him said the fire had reached her suit and that he managed to quench it with the foam he had at hand, "explained Jorge Estuqui.

El Salvador 27 firefighter commander Jorge Estuqui explained that the fire was large, as it was a recycled oil factory, where more than 20 firefighters from 4 companies worked.

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