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“Yo Zoi”: Katie Palma and Jonathan Rojas’s Criticism of Latin Performance by Maury Stern NDC | Scenes

Jonathan Rojas was heavily criticized in the recent edition “I, great battles, great celebrities”. The Cumbian singer did not convince the jury by his recent musical presentation, where he had to share roles with the Juan Luis Guevara cheater.

Katia Palma asked for a few seconds and expressed her opinion before Jonathan Rojas’ music number.

According to Palma, the Peruvian artist went to the tune and even forgot the lyrics of the song. “You are an artist by name, you have many people who follow you and listen to your music, but you do not have the level of imitator of Juan Luis Guevara. You have to win it and you have to be level. ” C express transit.

“Take it from a grain of salt because you’re a great singer, but Juan Lewis is a great imitator. You are tuned in today and have no connection. If you come here to sing, you have a week to learn the song or at least cheat on me. Palma added.

Maurice Stern was not so backward and called singer Jonathan Rojas. “This is not an unforgettable presentation and we were expecting more from you … nothing unusual happened here”, conclusion.

“Yo Soi”: Katia Palma and Maury Stern criticize Jonathan Rojas’ performance

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