Wednesday , April 14 2021

Formula One: F1 Welcomes Vietnam on Race Calendar, But Older Racing Made To Swear To The Future, Formula One News And Top News

LONDON (REUTERS) – Formula One welcomed Vietnam's latest race on Wednesday (November 7th), reminding some of the oldest, and most notably, the British Grand Prix hosts Silverstone that they can not sound anything.

"We are a 68-year-old person and nature Grand Prix race is that dynamic," Sean Bratches, Commercial Director of Company Former said after announcing that Hanoi will host a street race in April 2020.

"Silverstone was the first Grand Prix, but we did not race at Silverstone for all those 68 years. The race was held at Brands Hatch and other places," Formula 1 question and answer said.

"Nothing is immutable in this sport in the sense of racing," he added, when he asked if the "grands prix" could be moved from his "traditional homes" to a street street street somewhere else in the country.

Silverstone, owned by the British Racing Drivers Club, is out of contract after the next race, after using the termination clause for financial reasons and hoping to negotiate a better deal.

Conversations between the two sides are still in progress.

The circuit praised a bunch of sales, with about 140,500 fans who came up this year at the Grand Prix race, home to five world champions Lewis Hamilton and most of the teams.

Bratches said the sport was respected and wanted to retain "grounded heritage" – such as Silverstone, Spa and Monza – and recognized their importance to fans.

"But we are a job," he added. "We are a public company and we have a lot of stakeholders and shareholders, and we are trying to marry those who are best for fans with a successful business." Formula One has 21 races for 2019, but German Hockenheim will also be indefinitely at the end of next season along with Italian Monz and the Spanish Circuit de Catalunya.

Vietnam is the first contract on races negotiated by the Liberty media since the US company took over the market law of Formule 1 in January 2017 and dismissed longtime spouse Bernie Ecclestone.

Bratches said that Hanoi equipped a new visitor's vision of the sport, while another street race in Miami was headed.

"One of the things that we have been intensively focused on is the spread of the Grand Prix race to iconic cities, in the central areas, where we can best engage fans," he added.

"Most of our grands prix is ​​currently outside the city for half an hour to an hour, so this race in Hanoi meets one of our preliminary goals – the iconic city in races of a potentially exciting street circuit.

"The Vietnamese concept of what the Grand Prix race should fit is our vision for sport."

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