Tuesday , May 18 2021

Paige answers after the fan escapes WWE Superstar's wardrobe

Sexuality – a ban on John Tenta and several others – is an important part of wrestling. Since it is an attractive physical feature that we all want to have, it's best for WWE's job to make its superstars look good in the ring.

However, there are those who think Superstars, especially women, should wear less clothing. But SmackDown GM Paige thinks that's it backwards term.

On Sunday, the fan commented on one of Paige's tweets, dislodging WWE to "create" their employees in a contest in minimal clothing.

"WWE is a bad company for female there are women dressed in clothes that make them like corsets and that's not what we need for WWE we need women to respect their body, "they wrote.

But Paige fired a position that had far superior logic and grammar.

"Wrongly, we dress in the way we want to dress," Paige wrote. "We are not forced or forced into dressing anything other than what we feel comfortable, safe and beautiful. People technically show more skin than women … does that make them" whores "or?"

Do not look beyond the reliable exhibition by Finn Balor's man to support Paige's argument. Sex always has and always sells in WWE. While things have been decreasing since the mid-90s, there is nothing wrong with men who are men in their heads as long as they do not breach the health code. In 2018, WWE women especially run the company, and if they are not comfortable in choosing the closet, they simply would not wear it.

While the arguments of fans can come from the place of respect for women, comparing them with them, "whores" for their choice of closets seem to reveal his goodwill. Paige is right, and if you have any problems with that, then WWE has a couple of female options in the biggest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewels.

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