Tuesday , December 1 2020

The NIA has hit out at project delays

MANILA – Senate Panfillo Laxman has condemned the National Irrigation Administration (NIA)’s behavior as a waste of public funds and called on the Senate to provide funding for 2021 projects in the Department of Agriculture. DA).

In his proposed budget for the DA on Friday, Laxon noted that from 2017 to 2019, the Audit Commission had a “pattern of delays” in the implementation of irrigation projects.

Laxman cited the P13.37 billion Bolog-Bolog Multipurpose Project (BBMP) in Tarlac, San Jose, for one project.

Citing the COA’s 2018 audit report, Laxon said 37% of the P20.7 billion allocated for 15 projects had been delayed.

But the NIA is still asking for another $ 500 million for the project in 2021.

“What will 500 million achieve? Would this be a big help, or would it not be important at all? This is because if it does not make any progress, the funds can be used elsewhere.

With a budget of $ 31.5 billion for 2021, Laxman proposed to redesign funding for NIA projects for other projects in the DA.

According to the Senator, the 2017 COA report has already identified 436 irrigation projects, with a total cost of $ 11.94 billion, which have been delayed by up to seven years due to inadequate and inefficient implementation of survey, investigation and engineering plans. ”

The 2018 COA report identified 299 irrigation projects worth P20.7, which have been delayed for up to six years, among others due to “unsatisfactory performance” by contractors, Laxon said.

In 2019, the COA found that the NIA’s performance was “dangerous” and the senator said it was delayed by up to three years, spending P10.1 on 288 projects.

Admittedly, these delays occurred before the current president took office [NIA] Administrator, we would like to know what are the corrective measures to improve these projects and prevent further delays, ”Laxon said.

Agreeing with Laxman’s claims, Villar suggested that the NIA replace the non-performing contractors.

If you (the Department of Public Works and Highways) cannot deliver, they will terminate the contract and appoint another contractor. As a corporation, it seems that the NIA is not afraid because it will not return unspent money to the Treasury.

Although he asked Villar Laxman to file a motion calling for a Senate inquiry into the delayed irrigation projects, he did not agree on the recovery of funds.

“It is a series of 18 small dams, and if we could build one dam at a time, it would cover nine cities in Tarlak, not just one. The funding expected to be provided may be small, but I think this would be a good project if implementation continues and is efficient.

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