Saturday , April 17 2021

Europa League: Results of the fourth round in Group F

In Group F, after three wagers, it was possible to say that in the promotion fight, three teams count, and there is no chance for the defeated Legia Warrior from F91 Dudelange. Luxembourg players did not score any points in the group and did not score one goal.

Betiso Sevilla from AC Milan has promised to be very interesting. Two strong European leagues are in line with the first and second place in the group table. So the team from Spain was a favorite, but his win was not so obvious.

Betis's first and most dangerous attack ended with a goal. Firpo Junior came in from the penalty area after 12 minutes, and the free kick by Giovani Lo Celso found its way through the counterattack. It was 1: 0, and the hosts did not slow down. 28 minutes into the match, Antonio Sanarbia missed a goal.

The second half began with the attacks of Milan guests who wanted to compensate for the loss. In 59 minutes Suso sent an atomic strike to Betis goal. Pau Lopez even threw himself to the run to kill the shot over the bar. Three minutes later, he was already helpless. One of the players from Milana was behind a direct range from the following two teams: Suso pulled a free kick and did it enough to lead to a 1: 1 status.

For a moment Fabio Borini had a good chance and AC Milan could take over. However, Lopez is good. The meeting was equalized and it was really difficult to point out the team that won. At 87 minutes there were Milanes who were in great distress. Pepe Reina first defended the situation perfectly with Cristiano Tello, and shortly afterwards the defenders blocked two things that would inevitably find their way into the net. Despite the opportunities and emotions up to the end, the following goals were not scored and the game ended with a score of 1: 1.

Olympiakos Piraeus fought with F91 Dudelange. The guests had absolutely nothing to say, and the doors had fallen like the cornerstones. Signal's Wasilis Torosidis was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 6 minutes. Greek hit behind the penalty area, right by the fake player and helpless defenders. It was not a good day at all, but 2 minutes into the match. 0 – F91 Dudelange was not in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for a penalty. Kostas Fortunis got the ball and raised the score.

This is not all. 26 minutes into the match, Lazaros Christodulopulos have to leave the pitch due to a knee injury. The fourth goal is the work of Fortounes, who closes his head this time. At the start of the second half Olympiacos had a small stagnation when it comes to an effective game. In 69 minutes, visitors from Luxembourg got the same, who made their first goal in the group stage of the European League. Danel Sinani went down after a savage challenge, but could continue playing after some medical attention.

Olympiakos on the other hand punished brave guests. This time Defense F91 Dudelange is open to the left of the penalty area. Janis Fetfadzidis dropped the ball in front of the penalty area and fired a 5-1 lead.

After the match the situation in group F is very interesting and unresolved. The first in the Betis table has eight points, but the next two teams: AC Milan and Olympiacos Piraeus, each by seven points. That means three teams are fighting for promotion. No chance and no points is F91 Dudelange.

Betis Sevilla – AC Milan 1: 1 (1: 0)

Goals: Giovanni Lo Celso (12) – Suso (62)

Olympiakos Piraeus – F91 Dudelange 5: 1 (4: 0)

Goals: Wasilis Torosidis (6), Kostas Fortounis (15, 36), Lazaros Christodoulopoulos (26), Janis Fetfadzidis (71) – Danel Sinani (69)

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