Tuesday , December 1 2020

New Sony Xperia compact with Snapdragon 775

We have some very good news for compact smartphone fans. The latest news shows that Sony is preparing a really small Xperia. It will appear next year.

The final form Sony The Sony Xperia XZ2 was integrated from the compact series. Since then, fans of small smartphones (including the author of Pa) have not had much choice. The Samsung Galaxy S10E debuted and this year the Apple iPhone 12 Mini was saved with honors. However, the success of the iPhone SE seems to be the first time the iPhone 12 Mini has apologized to Sony for the compact line. Leaks after the first good news about the iPhone SE 2020 have already said that it will be back next year. Then we saw the debut of the flagship Xperia 5 II with a 6.1 inch display. little Currently), but inside it is no different than the big Xperia 1. Even the battery capacity with the smaller display is the same.

Now we have some good news from Japan. Local Android Next port says Xperia will actually be on display next year compact. By 2020 it will have truly compact dimensions – only the size of the screen will be reached 5,5 kala. However, it will not be a flag, instead Super Media In LG Velvet style. It will be a mobile system Snapdragon 775. Of course, the good side of this information is the look of a compact choice in the next price range. Between iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini.

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Text source: gsmarena via androidnext, own

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