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Piotr Zieliski is one of the biggest problems in Naples. It's not Neymar's Ninth Point

Napoli, this season, played very important meetings. And in four of them – twice PSG, Liverpool, Roma – Piotr Zieliski sit on the bench. "They will only play with Juventus and he will," said Gallo.

Zieliski has a problem because Fabian Ruiz uses his saber. The 22-year-old Spaniard came from Betis in Naples for 30m euros. – It's a very good picarz with different characteristics from Zieliska. First of all, he is more regular than Pole-Gallo explains.

– Fabian Ruiz is in a better shape than Zielina, especially in terms of body. The first half of the season is better suited to Ancelotti's idea when he plays on the left side of the help. However, Pol advances in the middle, where they perform Marek Hamsik and Allan. That's why he is now dealing with Ruiz, "said Gianluca Monti of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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Zielaki has no goals and helps

The situation in Zielsiski was different. Carlo Ancelotti calls it the new head of his Naples, Pol has played the role of taking Marek Hamsik. At the beginning of the season he will be delighted with the match against Milan – Napoli loses 0: 2, but half will score two goals and his team will finally win – but since then he has not scored, he does not qualify. – Zieliska had a lot of chances to achieve the following goals. They did not have the luck, they did not have the perfect finish. It's just a matter of time before it comes back, "Monti says.

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"Piotr Zieliski is not Neymar"

But half the game does not convince everyone. Gallo: – Ancelotti will set him up for Lazio and Milan, then in LM with Red Zvezda and in the league with Juventus. But Zieliski is too improper. It's a football player who will start and stop. It can disappear and suddenly go back to the game. You can not rely on it. In key games you can not bet on such a footballer. Unless it's called Neymar.

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The biggest problem is half

– Zieliska is one of the biggest problems in Naples, even greater than Arkady Milika. His head is the key. His technical skills are not the subject of debate. He is jealous of many pikes. When in the gas, he can decide on the fate of the match, just as with Milan. Everyone can score a goal at any time. But his problem is that he does not regularly show his abilities.

Monti: It's not regular, sometimes it's great, sometimes she is. Head and character is the only problem.

In the context of Piotr Zieliski, people regularly talk about the interest of big clubs. And that's true, but you always talk about Semi in the context of investment, great talent. And Zieliski is 24 years old, and his career comes with a breakthrough; he must break talent talent and show that he is pikeman here and now.

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"Never be a big footballer"

Monti: "I was a little afraid of his situation, but the third time in Naples. It's not as stunning as I expect it to be two or three years ago, which does not mean it will not.

Gallo: – Napoli Ancelotti is his decisive test. She has to overcome these problems. If it is not necessary in this team, it will probably never become a big soccer player. This does not mean that he will not go to the big club but risk not understanding his potential. However, he is happy because Ancelotti is the best coach he will ever have.

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