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Warsaw. Addition to equipment for WIM

The Military Medical Institute said the fundraiser was a grassroots initiative without management advice, referring to the hospital’s fundraising organization for equipment. “The program was launched in consultation with representatives of the Military Medical Institute on a duly granted power of attorney,” the foundation said in a statement on Saturday evening. She said the addition was canceled on November 21 at the request of WIM agents. “Funds were returned to donors,” the statement said.

Last week, the Mokni Na Startzi Foundation launched a collection of equipment for the Military Medical Institute on Saccero Street, along with organizing ultrasound training and workshops.

“We support the Military Medical Institute’s Internal Diseases, Pneumology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Clinic. Stated.

“Funded equipment makes it easier for dyspnea patients to breathe and prevent interruptions,” she explained.

Addition “on objective grounds” was canceled

A few days later, on Thursday, the foundation thanked everyone for the donation and said, “There is more.” “We hope that with your help we will reach our destination soon. This device is an urgent need for patients of Kosona virus-infected Saserov Hospital” – we read in the note.

The link to the fundraising campaign launched on Saturday at WebSitesutka.PL is no longer active. But not because the foundation was able to raise the entire amount, but because they themselves ended the fundraising campaign from time to time. “For objective reasons, the collection has been canceled. The money collected through the portal spalka.pl will be returned to your bank account, where you can transfer to another good cause” – the organizers announced on Saturday.

“Addition canceled on November 21 at the request of WIM agents”

On Saturday evening, the Mokni Na Startzi Foundation said in a statement that the fundraiser was “in consultation with representatives of the Military Medical Institute, in accordance with the requirements of the dated Attorney-at-Law spalka.pl.”

“Without the submission of the relevant documents, the screenplay will not be verified by the Group Funding Gate, so no funds will be received once the collection target is met. The collection at the above portal was canceled on November 21 at the request of representatives of the Military Medical Institute.

“The objectives of the Foundation include activities for health care, financing and providing financial assistance to medical facilities, including the purchase, free delivery or delivery of medical facilities and institutions to equipment and supplies.”

“The Foundation, as far as possible, extends its support to all health care providers and medical personnel. At the same time, we assume that no hospital, especially during an epidemic, will ever have too much modern medical equipment. Created, created negative information, etc. The foundation wanted to help and the expression of such support is still valid.The foundation implements a number of small and large initiatives that support the Polish health service and its staff. We appreciate their commitment. ”- Susana Janovich – Chairperson of the Mokni Foundation’s Board of Management

Statement by Fandakza Mokni Na Startzi about a fundraiser for the Military Medical Institute

WIM: Addition is a low-level initiative

Earlier on Saturday, authorities at the Military Medical Institute issued a statement about the addition. They ensured that the hospital had full protection from both respirators and other medical equipment and materials “needed to provide medical care at the highest level of reference.”

Since the outbreak, it has purchased equipment and upgraded the clinic, and management says the operation of the facility is adapting to the current epidemic situation. “The value of the funds spent on this has already exceeded the investment expenditure incurred in previous years. It is a social initiative. WIM has already purchased seven such devices, and thanks to this, patients receiving treatment at Kovid clinics will be able to use them from next week, ”we read in the statement.

Finally, officials at the Military Medical Institute emphasize that the fundraising took place without the advice of the hospital management, but that it was “acceptable to accept any such initiative.”

Military Medical Institute of Saserov.Archive on TVN24

Ministry of National Defense: I expect clarification from the Director

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Defense, Mariusz Bassak, provided information on fundraising.

“The budget of the Military Medical Institute exceeds PLN 600 million. The cost of the equipment is 16 thousand. The hospital management can apply for another subsidy from the Ministry of National Defense. I am in constant contact with the directors of the military hospitals. There have been constant problems so far. I hope so, “wrote Beaszak. Twitter.

Main photo source: Archive on TVN24

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