Saturday , May 8 2021

Android P Beta for Note 9 & # 39; forget & # 39; the new Galaxy S10 design

More than apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be somewhat bombastic! Great news if you did not appreciate & # 39; annoying & # 39; Galaxy S9 and Note 9, released in 2018.

Why would it be bombastic? Well, the Galaxy S10 needs to have a handful of new technologies, as well as design that should carry a truly "infinite" screen.

Galaxy design

By the way, in the last few weeks, there have been several passages and rumors about the alleged design of the device on the Internet, showing what is the new OLED screen design with piercing at the top where we can find the front camera.

It's said, as you can see in the figure below, divided into the official account of the very popular Ice Universe … We can find a borderless screen device in the beta version of Android Galaxy Note 9 Footage! It seems to confirm everything we've seen.

The picture that jumps because there is no Samsung mobile phone this look at! For now …

After all, a few days ago, Samsung made a curiosity to "suffocate" the endless display design for the upcoming Galaxy A8, with the top hole, where in other devices we find variations of the famous "comma".

This is parallel, it is also a design that several "leakers" claims that he was selected for the Galaxy S10 next year.

However, in this picture we see no "chick" on the leaderboard! Will we get a new screen technology that is capable of making pixels transparent on the front of the camera? Hmm …

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In other Tweets, the Ice Universe confirmed rumors that the Galaxy S10 leave a classic Iris sensor. Because of the speed of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that will be run on the screen.

In short, Samsung is expected to launch its new Galaxy S10 at MWC 2019 in February next year! This is in line with the latest curling and rumor, so we still have plenty of time for more details on innovative design. (And other news.)

It is interesting that "Ice Universe" mentions that this screen technology and ultrasonic sensor … They are exclusive Samsung at least during the first half of the year.

As for Android 9.0 Galaxy Note 9 updates … it seems that there is still not enough time to publish.

Since the Galaxy S9 should be Samsung's first smart phone to receive the Pie & # 39; Somewhere early next year.


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