Saturday , May 8 2021

Ebola epidemic in eastern DRC has already died 181 – Actually

In a previous update on October 28, WHO, in cooperation with the DR Congo Ministry of Health, killed 174 people for the infection, most of which were in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

Records continue to show the trend of Ebola deaths in DR Congo, with a prevalence of between 35 and 44 years for men and 15 to 24 for women.

On October 7th, the statistics amounted to 115 dead, while the number of reported deaths on the 15th of this month increased to 139 and 155 weeks later.

More than 250 confirmed cases

From Thursday, the number of cases of Ebola virus contamination also increased to 287, of which 252 were confirmed and 35 were probable.

This epidemic was recorded in Mangini, in the provinces of North-Kivu and Ituri, near the border with Uganda in Ben, the area of ​​the armed group ADF, which multiplied attacks on civilians, complicating the health response.

In recent months, the UN is concerned about the risk of spreading the epidemic of Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and the South Sudan, and the Security Council resolution last week urged these African countries to strengthen operational capacity to fight disease, in full co-operation with WHO.

Ebola hit RDCongo nine times since the first appearance in 1976 of the virus, which is transmitted by physical contact via infected body fluids and causes hemorrhagic fever.

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