Wednesday , April 14 2021

Fernanda Serrano disgusted by Christina Ferreira’s attitude – a nut

Fernanda Serrano Christina hurts Ferreira. According to ‘Nova Gente’ magazine, the actress was not happy that she shared a lead role with Francesca Cirqueira Gomez on the cover of ‘Cristina’ magazine. Named the “Talent of Two Generations,” Fernando Serrano has already had a career spanning many years, and Maria Cirqueira Gomez’s daughter appeared on TV for her first soap opera, Festa Festa.

‘Nova Gente’ confirms the day Christina went to the press, Fernanda Serrano was upset “because she didn’t want to get into the theme or the topic.”. The actress posted a photo of the publication on her social media, but hinted that she was not happy about the cover and wrote in blue, “Duas Jerries is also talented” and wrote “Bem …” The actress is the only protagonist because of the deal.

Although it hurts me, Fernanda Serrano does not want to be confused with Cristina Ferreira The presenter is a shareholder in Media Capital and is the Director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI.

In addition to Fernanda Serrano, who saw the cover of ‘Christina’ magazine, fans of the actress also expressed their displeasure. “Of course it has everything to do: Fernanda Serrano is an actress and a girl will join it because she is a model and she is beautiful. Stay at Christina’s house.” e “Actually everything is on the cover! This is a talent for Christina! Christina’s ending was self-proclaimed! I like it.”, Were some of the comments on the social networks of the presenter’s magazine.

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