Thursday , May 6 2021

Sérgio Conceição: "Some are interested in saying the group is not strong …" – FC Porto

Sérgio Conceição made a preview of the match on Tuesday with Lokomotiv Moscow, stressing that he did not expect objects before the Russians, although they took the last position of the group. The dragon coach also stressed that the team corrected the mistakes he saw in the first round of the match.
The opponent is forced to win

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"I have heard the question of additional motivation for the opponent to win to continue dreaming about qualification or continuation in Europe. I think there is nothing that motivates us, the result we had in the past, three games were not successful … Motivation it has to be everyday, you have to be here, win in the game. It is normal now that Lokomotiv wants and thinks it can make a positive result, and we and we too. "

Changes to Locomotive

"It is important to invest in the first or last minute, as we did in Russia. Tomorrow's game can be more difficult as Kryshowiak progresses in the middle, Manuel Fernandes probably plays on the left, dynamic tomorrow we will find more difficulty but will not prevent us from doing all to get all three points. "

FC Porto can match record points at the end of the group stage

"These are the situations you are analyzing, comparisons with the past era, but the focus must be all that we have to do, and then, depending on the individual performance, we can jointly overcome the opponent. Back to the game is not very important, we have to focus on the game, opponents and our team ".

Game plan

"If there are differences in FC Porto's relationship, I would not say that would be part of the strategy, but we will not avoid team identity, it can change one or the other player, positioning, but that's part of that strategy. he thinks about what an adversary can do and from where he responds to it.

Expect more offensive approach?

"I do not know what the opponent coach thinks, I assume that in what he is doing in the league, a bit different from us in Russia, but we are already accustomed to it. I think it is very balanced, we still have not lost and there are three teams with the difference of three point and say balance. "

Do you plan to launch Otavio?

"In relation to Ottawa, I do not like to individualize," he said, "during the week we're here to assess medical reports, team reports, and our training.

Are the defense aspects already corrected?

"There are always situations to improve depending on the difficulties we face, sometimes because of our demerit, one or another individual, technical or error positioning, as well as the values ​​of the opponent. We always seek such perfection, This defense organization, no matter what the strength our team must be the basis for the beginning of the remaining. We can not separate this organization from the moment we have the ball and there are things that are less well, as I said at the end of Russia's game because of individual mistakes or positions that could be made on another way and which allowed the opponent to create dangerous situations for our goal.

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