Tuesday , December 1 2020

Vaccination is essential to prevent recurrence of the disease

Salvia Fonseca, regional director of infectious diseases at the Hapvida system, warns that the low coverage rate facilitates the transmission of diseases that have been under control for decades.

The Sඕo Paulo Department of Health has extended the vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis and multifunction to November 30.

According to Salvia Fonseca, Regional Director of Infectious Diseases of the Hapvida System, which is managed by the Sao Francisco Group, vaccines are essential to prevent and fight various viruses and bacteria, and controlled diseases can be prevented for decades to come.

“Decades ago, everyone knew who had polio. We learned that someone had died of meningitis, measles, and chickenpox. Due to the success of the vaccine, the disease disappeared. Thus, people are unable to get vaccinated because they are unaware of these diseases. If we stop vaccinating, they will come back, ”said Sylvia.

By the first half of the month, the vaccine for poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) was only 52.4% of the coverage. The goal is to reach 2.1 million children. From 5 to 14 years of age, compliance with 47.6% coverage is even lower. Among children under 1 year of age, the vaccination rate is 70.3%.

According to the Regional Director of Epidemiology of the Hapvida system, viruses and bacteria persist but do not develop disease due to immune processes.

“Viruses and bacteria persist, and humans cannot walk. What we see with Covid-19 is the appearance of a virus that travels easily between humans because we do not have a vaccine. Polio is also easily transmitted, but we have the vaccine. If we do not get vaccinated the disease will come back and we will get a picture of recurrence of pediatric paralysis.

The completely free vaccination campaign is taking place in all health posts and units. In all, there are 14 vaccines that protect against about 20 diseases: BCG (tuberculosis); Rotavirus (diarrhea); Polio (infantile paralysis); Pentavalent (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B-Hib); Pneumococcal; Meningococcal; DTP; Triple viruses (measles, mumps and rubella); HPV (prevents cervical cancer and genital warts); In addition to vaccinations against yellow fever, chickenpox and hepatitis A.

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