Monday , April 12 2021

who will be the presidential candidate PSD? The name of surprise

Although in the past he attacked very roughly, now Moses Guran praised Gabriele Fire, who says that he will certainly be competitive with Claus Iohannis in the elections for the supreme position in the state. He said that regardless of whether to represent the PSD or independently, the current mayor of Bucharest will get a good result because he is the most popular male in PSD. He also pointed out that Gabriela Fire would certainly run for president.

Moderator Realitatea TV Denise Rifai contradicted him and finally concluded that it was best to let us know who would be right. It is interesting that Moise Guran now supports Gabrielle Fire after being extremely critical of the past, despite the close relationship that binds them.

According to media sources, the mayor of the capital was the one who defended Moses Guran when Antennas 3 wanted to throw him out when he was employed in impeccable trust. The fact that he had attacked him, although he helped him in the past, was very scared by Gabriela Fire, who complained to several circles that the journalist had no character.

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