Monday , April 12 2021

A decision on the citizenship in front of him for Wattab's messages

Aseer – Jeddah:

Jeddah's criminal court sentenced a citizen to 40 blows and allowed his divorced woman to attend execution if he wished after being convicted of extending abusive messages through Watsaba with incentives, defamation and insults.

Sources found that the dispute between a man and a woman occurred due to the custody of three children and exchanged allegations of child abuse, and the court heard medical reports and letters of mutual delivery, and sent the parties to the parliamentary committees three times and could not reconcile .

She explained that she had proven the court to send her husband's messages to the cellphone, including vulgar and frustrating statements and sexual abuse and accusations in the presentation and ethics, and they think that's a real haraam, and the ugly and boldness of falsehood deserve a punishment.

She added that the court condemned the husband to 40 torns on his body in front of him, if he wanted to, and assumed a strong commitment to the necessity of integrity, and not be exposed to his daughter in a bad and effective, and the Appellate Court to the final judgment and divorce the woman received a copy of the implementation.

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