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Saudi Arabia – Director Taif Sponsors Launch of "Madrasati Ajmal"

Saudi Arabia – Director Taif Sponsors Launch of "Madrasati Ajmal"

Saudi Arabia - Director Taif sponsors the launch

Director Taif of Education covered the presentation of "Madrasati Ajmal"
With the participation of all leaders, their sons and their daughters students in several schools

Awad Al – Maliki Posted in Mecca Now 10. 11. – 2018. year

The head of education in Taif, Talal bin Mubarak Al-Lahibi, will open an educational campaign for treating visual deformation on school walls under the slogan "Madras Ajmal" in all provincial schools (boys and girls) on Sunday.
The Educational Campaign "Madrasati Ajmal" is one of the initiatives directed by the head of the educational department and adopted the Department of Student Activity (boys and girls). The Department for the Social Activities of Removing Visual Distortions after visiting many boys and girls in indoor and outdoor schools, has seen a visual distortion on the school walls. In schools.
The school principals and executives will monitor the implementation of campaigns in their schools through the participation of students in removing visual deformation, which will be implemented in all school offices during the campaign week All leaders of boys and girls will participate in their children's students and their daughters in several schools with the participation of several foreign parties in the campaign.

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