Saturday , May 8 2021

The IBM president uses a "smart trick" to raise the company's shares

During 2018, IBM The New York Mercantile Exchange fell significantly, so it fell by almost 25%, prompting the company's management to think of events to bring the stock back to its nature.

A few days ago he announced IBM He announced that he had received Red Hat, a technology service company that some shareholders objected, but the company's management tried to convince them of the economic viability of the deal.

Today, Jane Rometti, executive director of the company, IBM "Smart Trick" managed to redistribute a rising business where he bought shares worth $ 3 million.

Romtey made a decision to support investors to support the acquisition of Red Hat for $ 33 billion or $ 190 per share.

Shares purchased by Jane Romet on the market are estimated at about one million dollars, and the pension fund "IBM"It's worth two million dollars.

Jane Romti did not stop. Four members of the board and several senior executives also bought shares.

Indeed, the results of this clever trick appeared instantly as stocks rose IBM Up to 2.5% at $ 118.55, a few hours after the announcement of the Rometian acquisition of new shares in the company.

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