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America: The Death of Tony Mendez, the hero of the movie "Argo," the world

In 1980, former CIA agent Tony Mendez received an Oscar award for the "Ago" for an adventurous rescue operation for Iran's US diplomats.

The 78-year-old former spy head has been afflicted for over a decade by Parkinson's family, and his family's author, Christie Fletcher, has published a story by his relatives.

She said that she should be placed at a private ceremony in Nevada.
He died with special facilities at Frederick, Maryland, near Washington.

After the Iranian revolutionaries seized Tehran's US Embassy in 1979, past diplomats were able to escape through the past door and escorted the Canadian embassy.

An invisible operation

Tony Mendez, a freelancer in the US intelligence agency, was prepared by a rescue operation unveiled: the return of the US to play with the hostages to play with the hostages to play the "Ago" Sci-fi movie in Hollywood's film industry, portrays the staff as a filmmaker .

On January 27, 1980, six American diplomats were unable to leave Iran for fake Canadian passports.

The story of this thrill is inspired by the Director's film adventure "Argo" Ben Affleck, Oscars won the Best Picture Film Award for 2013

Many Dramas

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State and former CIA chief, Mendez called "a very talented intelligence officer." The removal of Americans from the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1980 was one of his many successes.

Ben Affalk played Tony Mendez in "Ago," a "true American hero". "He was extraordinary kindness, modesty, humility and kindness (…) I have worked for him, and I am very proud that he has said one of his speeches."

The author of many books, his wife, John, who is the author of his new book, CIIG. – It was released in May. "Moscow Laws: How the CIA allowed the US to win the Cold War as a" Great Invasive Tact "that helped the United States America?

Taylor in "Argo"

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