Sunday , February 28 2021

Chloe Cooper, a Virgil (Les Angeles 12) detainee in a psychiatric hospital, collides with him and assaults his ex-boyfriend.

Chloe responds to her former assaults and imbalances after being held in a psychiatric hospital in Virgil des Angus 12 …

A few days ago, Virgil des Angus 12 revealed that he was being held in a mental hospital again, and he revealed here that he created everything to create a puzzle on social media! The revelation of the NRJ12 candidate came as a surprise to internet users who were deeply concerned about Virgil’s health. In addition, many reality TV fans have asked her ex-Chloe Cooper to respond to her detention in a psychiatric hospital and the young woman wanted to know how to help him.… The editorial staff of this video invites you to find out above, and the candidate makes a big update!

Chloe talks about Virgil
Chloe talks about Virgil – Credit (s): TFX

In this video, Klose Cooper responds to Virgil’s criticism by insulting her and Sebastian one day and telling him that she missed it. The other. She balances that he often cheated on her and that she owes him nothing, but that she protects him by keeping his secrets to her.. Chloe Cooper takes the opportunity to ask Virgil to stop insulting her and advises him to stay away from social media and spend time for himself … Will Virgil respond to this video? While waiting to find out, find this information from another ex-Virgil.

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