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Faced with the burden, Brazzaville goes into genset mode

Residents of Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, another city of the country, were thrown into generators, as Power Electric Congo (EEZ) in charge of electricity distribution announced that during two months he was subjected to a burden regime that dispersed the two largest cities in the country .

Rufin Okemba, the bistro owner who was very concerned about the progress of his business, quickly gasped the generator to do so, he said, to continue serving "my customers with cold beer."

It is located in Moukondou, the fourth in the 7th district of Mfilou, which collapsed on October 21.

If Rufin came out of the generator, Omar Bâ, he was forced to buy a new 24-hour reward and his internet coffee. The generator cost him 350,000 FCFAs and does not regret it to say, "I have no reason to witness the death of my job that allows me to support my family."

According to Omar, "the neighborhood is powered by electricity one day in three and most often in the evening".

The richest households have also switched to a generator to preserve their food, but especially lighting, and fans have to rotate continuously to withstand the heat wave. In the absence of a generator, this is a gallery because the current is available only two to three hours every morning …

The misfortune of some who make the happiness of others sellers of generators rub their hands in the face of smooth running business. So this is Alassane, a West African citizen who has come to happiness in Congo.

"Since the beginning of the disbursement announced the EEC, I sold almost ten generators in less than a month, and I usually put five to eight months or even a year to place such a number of articles," says glittering mines.

Established on October 21, the burden that will last until December 5 is the result of a turbine maintenance at the Pointe-Noire petrol station, which produces about 60% of Congo's electricity.

After the audience with the head of state on Tuesday in Oyo, the president and CEO of the Italian Oil Group Claudio Descalzi announced that the production capacity of the Congo power plant will increase from 300 to 450 MW before 600 MW in the near future.

While waiting to fulfill this promise to stop the disappearance in the major cities of the country, including Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, generators fill their deafening concert with the Congolese capital.

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