Sunday , February 28 2021

Forsyth to supply Renault with tanks for hydrogen vehicles

As an alternative to battery power, Renault will turn to hydrogen, and Forsyth will be the equipment manufacturer that will provide tanks dedicated to this technology.

The two French companies announced on Friday that they will be giving Renault equipment equipment by Forcia to equip light commercial vehicles running on hydrogen, a technology that promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle production.

“A group of light commercial vehicles”

“From the end of 2021, Forsyth will supply the Renault Group with hydrogen storage systems for a range of light commercial vehicles,” the company said in a press release.

From the same source, “Depending on the volume, the increase in production will extend to a new factory dedicated to hydrogen storage systems, which Forsyth plans to build at Alanjoy”, in Dubs.

Hydrogen, which can generate electricity through a fuel cell while releasing only water vapor, is considered one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the automotive community.

Very high pressure storage

This technology, already proven in small grades by car manufacturers such as Toyota and Hyundai, has the advantage of eliminating the charging time of electric cars, but raises new barriers, such as the need to store hydrogen at very high temperatures. Bar).

Its carbon footprint depends on hydrocarbons (methane reformers) or hydrolysis of water or the use of electricity from renewable sources.

In early January, Renault announced the launch of a joint venture with Plug Power, an American pioneer in fuel cell with an investment of tens of millions of euros. The partners will launch hydrogen-powered utility vehicles in France from Renault Traffic at the end of 2021.

Diamond-carmaker PSA, which owns the majority in Forsyth, sold 7% of its capital at the end of 2020 before joining the Stalantis Group’s Fiat-Chrysler, and has yet to distribute 39%. Capital to shareholders by Stolantis.

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