Wednesday , July 6 2022

“I accept the challenge but I’m waiting for it to be confirmed by my leader, McCall.” (Basiro Engom, DG Snr)


The population of Niagara as a whole came out to respond to the call of the current Snr CEO, Basiro Engom. A meeting attended by a large number of authorities.
At the urging and request of women, youth, and the wise to run for mayor, Niagara’s child, his adviser accepted the challenge on the condition that he would confirm the choice of the population.

“I accept the challenge with the blessing of my leader, Mackie Sal.”

“You all know our roots in the party, our love for our statue, our leader President Mackie Sal. We are ready for anything for Nihar, I am ready for anything for President Mackie Sal at any time. I do not mind the challenge. I, but I There’s a manager named Mackie Salle … we’ll work on that when we get out of here! ”

However, Niagara’s mayoral candidate, Master Basiro Engom, takes the opportunity to urge his political colleagues to cultivate non-violence. As evidence, he cites the example of their adviser, President Mackie Sal. “Mackie Sal fought on the basis of a project he entrusted to the Senegalese who raised him. He allowed a pattern of non-exemplary behavior.”

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