Thursday , October 21 2021

Is Mrs. Soham Vardini the candidate for the Yvonne Askan V Dakar City?


A week ago, “Le Tomoine” reported on behind-the-scenes discussions between the UV-Askanvi partnership to prepare regional lists for next January. The details of the secret plan for the city of Dakar are becoming clear. Aside from a miracle, the current mayor of Dakar, Ms. Soham Vardini, is also Moustafa Nias (BB)’s UV-Askanvi’s candidate for the city of Dakar.

We have uncovered a corner of the seal with the three main political engines involved in the pre-investment talks in the UV-Askanvi partnership: Pastef de Osman Sonko, Thaksin Senegal de Khalifa Sal and Poor (United and Rally Party). Mustafa c. Train engines that pull most friendly wagons.

After the formation of this alliance, each member party or movement tried its own maneuver to snatch a list leader or a qualified position on the list. Despite a few clouds over the sky across UV-Askanvi, the situation seems to be clearing up. First of all, it should be noted that the founders-alliance has less problems in other parts of the country than in Dakar, St. Louis and Gudia, which announce the “mothers” of the fighting.

With the exception of a miracle or a last-minute change, Khalifa Sal, the current mayor of Thalassev-Senegal, should elect Soham Vardini, the current mayor of Dakar, to lead the UV-Askanvi alliance’s list for the next local elections on January 23, 2022. In this situation Bartholomew Diaz will be removed. The current mayor of Dakar, Ms. Soham Vardini, despite being a member of Mustafa Niazi’s FP – it is better to ensure that she is available to manage Khalifa Sal’s loyalty and political interests, even if she is not banned. In Taxo-Senegal.

As for the famous Bartholomew Dias, who is known for his militant nature with the former mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sal, his main problem is that he is not sure about the latter!

In the eyes of some officials in Takarau Senegal, assigning a strategic town hall like Dakar to a man as brave and handsome as Bartholomew is very risky. Even an unexpected man, no one can dictate the political course to be taken. Whatever the program devised by Barth and his arguments for the mayor of Dakar, the mayor of Marmos-Zacchaeus will not guarantee caliph Sal that he wants to defend his political interests.

In the hands of Bartholomew Dias, the capital city makes him the boss of Thaksin-Dakar and creates the conditions for the highest duality in the opposition socialist movement. However, in order to maintain the pace of agreement within UV-Askanvi, Khalifa Sal will already have the support of Osman Sonko in the selection of Ms. Soham Vardini.

Gudiya, Open Sports!

As for the city of Guadalajara, the game is open! Benefiting from the influence of Pastef’s coordinator and Osman Sonko, Alpha Ba is waiting to invest in Yvonne Askanvi’s candidate to defeat Aliou Sal, who is trying to re-emerge. El Haddik Malik Gako, chairman of the Grand Party, is urging him to enlist the support of Khalifa Sal and see his candidacy succeeded by the resignation of Ameth Aidara. Moreover, his lieutenants are working to get the support of “La Boque of Gudia” to confirm Malik Gaku’s candidacy.

In St. Louis, Yuvi is looking for the best profile between Detik Falls, Aba Embay, Bamba Dye and Pepe Gu de Pastef to attack Mayor Mansour Fay of Askanvi. Aside from his ambitions for Tivoane Town Hall, Seren Moustafa du Pierre, the initiator of his Taliban caliph Sal adventure, is still looking for himself in the dark bowels of Yuvi Askanvi. His allies prayed and read their rosaries, so that at the end of the tunnel Serigny-Bee could not see the light, leading Leopold to Sadr Sengor Avenue.


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