Saturday , April 17 2021

Keblack goes into "Voyou" mode in her new music video

It is hard to forget Bazardée, a huge hit by Keblack, and yet this is necessary because the artist has spent a lot of time since announcing his second album called "Appartement 105", which was full of summer with his song "It sounded full". And after this hit and "Laughter," "The Liar," "Salamalek," and "For Your Health," the 26-year-old singer continues to promote her opus with "Voyou", a little urban and less romantic than the previous one.

Keblack plays robbers in his new music video

Another style that has been found several times in "Apartment 105": a choice explained by Keblack in an interview with "I left my comfort zone. There is a bit of everything: rap, variety, dancehall, afro. I tried to go on several horizons."

The "Voyou" sound him, tells the story of the merchant "Nerdy fell in love with a kilogram' "Some bars on the back, no stress / weekend crazy and Mercedes, class S / I I walk to Tess, no stress / keeper was fried, I have to find a little dump / Buyer did not pay I have to find his address", sings Cédric Matéta Nkomi, his real name, on hip-hop instruction. A small clip, Keblack, balanced his flow in the air in the middle of the night with Naza, with whom he collaborated on" We Said "and is shown in a very good company ?

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