Thursday , October 21 2021

Nigerian-origin German newcomer Jamal Musiala from Byrne Munich!


Born in Stuttgart to a Nigerian father and a German mother, Jamal Musiala grew up in Fulda. Jamal Musiyala, who grew up in the United Kingdom, is also of British descent. But while he barely spoke German, he decided to return to Germany at the age of 16, especially due to possible complications with Brexit. After playing for a local club in Fulda, Museilla initially made a successful attempt at Southampton, but Chelsea were soon happy with most of his training. However, he did not sign a professional contract with Bayern Munich in London on 4 July 2019 – and later became the rising star of German football. Jamal Musiala, who has been an increasingly influential player in Bayern Munich and crucial since the German team’s first inception, shows the most promising potential at the age of 18. He embodies the future of a society and a choice that began on new foundations this summer. Flick appreciated and was amazed by the German player of Nigerian origin. “He has proven to be of excellent quality in Bern Munich last season and over the past few weeks, with his zeal to bring Werner’s goal,” the new Manschaft boss stressed. Bayern is fully prepared to continue his work with Musiala in Munich. The young German international also gave him reasons to insist on this path. Since making his debut in Bavarian club in the league, the 18-year-old has completely changed the face of the tasteless FCB in his first season against Cologne (3-2). Harta confirmed his first goal a week later against BSC (5-0). In less than a month, Musiala has already given his new coach a reason to give Byrne a starting position. Last year’s striker had the opportunity to show off his skills. He has scored nine goals in 32 games and has shown Julian Nagalsman that he can do even better. He has already scored four goals in six games this season. For tonight’s Champions League meeting, Komen should look at how he can oppose the talented Jamal Musiala, who manages the animation in the Bavarian midfield.

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