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Richard Boringer comes in for an interview “lame” and talks about his health


Interviewed by JDD, Richard Boringer came in for an interview this Sunday, October 17th. The actor suddenly mentioned his health briefly.

On October 20, Richard Boringer Will be shown in the film HeroesSigned by Maxim Roy. The actor gave an interview for the occasion Sunday newspaperThis was released on October 17th. At the beginning of the article our colleagues revealed their mediator in the fight against cancer of the nervous system in the past “Coming and limping” Appointment. In addition, Astrid Marcoli’s husband has twice postponed the interview before finally coming forward. Humorously, he tried to explain his health: “Never mind, my leg hurts when I run down the stairs to connect with you.”

That ‘s it “Around the circle”?

Richard Boringer recalled that he was a certain age. “I’ve been around for 80 years, it changes parameters.”Said the man who blew his 80 candles on January 16, 2022. Wisely recently, especially in Seventh Art, also explained the reason why the actor did not appear in front of the stage. “It’s true that you haven’t seen me recently”, He acknowledged that there was “refused” Career opportunities “Because'[il] avai[t] The feeling of going in a circle “ In his career. In all likelihood, Romain Boringer’s father has revealed that he has some “Tired of the old rough roles.” “It’s true that I will not miss going to the cinema anymore. I received suggestions for the first films, which I will have to shoot in the coming months. Apparently not close to retirement, he said.

Cinema, that environment “Very different”

If he still wants to shoot, Richard Bohringer will have to face the disappearances of several remorseful filmmakers. “I would love to work with Jean-Pierre Moki again, but I do not want to be associated with him where he is.” The actor, added “No one is seen anymore” In its environment and for good reason. “It has changed a lot. Many friends are lost : Philip Leotard, Roland Blanche, Jean-Franකොois Stevenin, my revered friend Bernard Giraudo. These people were a living part of this profession. “, He expressed his melancholy before pointing it out to his entourage. “Niels Arrestraft Remains”, Even if they don’t “Look at the years”.

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