Tuesday , July 27 2021

The case of amalgamation "on the table" (Paris)

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Murray toured Egypt, and the combined environment between Reno and Nationale is not today. By the Japanese media.

"Today was not on the table, but today's taste is Rio's," he told reporters during his visit to Cairo.

"The most important thing for us is the creation of a stable, stable and sustainable administration for the renegade," the Minister said. It's "the next day by the board of directors."

According to the mayor, "We have always agreed that the state partner is committed to the smooth functioning of the Alliance's smooth functioning and solidarity." "We have always told Japanese authorities this." He added.

On Sundays, according to some Japanese media, representatives from France were urging Japan to send Reno and the government out of the way to the country.

According to Japanese business daily Nikkei and the Kindo News Agency, French delegates interviewed in Tokyo this week with interviews, and two months after Rand-Nissan was negotiating with leading stakeholders of the alliance. Carlos Ghosn arrested.

Quodo says French President Immanuel MacRain is a companion to compromise. About Renault, Renault wants to appoint the next chairman.

George de Dymerge mentioned George Levins and the French Minister of Economy argued that "Renovation and Replacement of the Right to Own Transactions, Change Stock Market" "On the Table".

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