Tuesday , December 1 2020

“Crown Age” Telemedicine: A Necessary Evil or a New Perspective on Healing?

Telemedicine has become popular since the corona virus epidemic and many people have decided to seek medical advice and help in this way instead of live. However, talking to a doctor through electronic communication technologies is only partially helpful and not in every field of medicine. The role of telemedicine in the field of education and prevention is particularly striking. But it has not yet found an application for surgery, at least not in Serbia.

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Photo: Deposit Photos, Verbaska

Photo: Deposit Photos, Verbaska

Dr. Natalia Samardzik, Head of the Pulmonology Clinic Day Hospital at the Clinical Center in Serbia, believes that telemedicine increases our present and our future.

“Telemedicine will become an essential part of life, otherwise the country will not be able to imagine its effectiveness when it stabilizes, because the benefits of this kind of communication that make life easier have been discovered. Sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues around the world. There are also a number of practical solutions for patients and their families, such as telemedicine, which can be used to quickly reach each other through surgery, shortening the path from the first appearance of symptoms to adequate treatment, as the diagnostic process is unacceptably lengthy. Especially for serious diseases, ”says Dr. Samardzik to b92.net.

There are limits

What is missing with teledemedicine is that, according to that personal relationship, that psychological support and face-to-face contact and it is not possible. In addition to that psychological effect, there are more serious limitations to the use of telemedicine.

Photo: B92.net

Photo: B92.net

“Telemedicine is extremely important in education when it comes to live broadcasts, online conferences and meetings, and its educational role cannot be overlooked. However, in the diagnosis of breast cancer, for example, it can give an overview, but it can also be used in women with tumors.” Breathing exercises have been abandoned, especially for pregnant women, to find out their experiences, ”said Rustko Maglik, clinical assistant at GAK Hospital.

When it comes to surgery, there is more perspective than telemedicine, but not yet, but in some future.

It is theoretically possible to use remote robots to perform an operation. But practically no one still does it. We do not have robots in Serbia, but our surgeons are excellent. No one else is still thinking of replacing specialists to buy such equipment. An application was found in Third World countries or on the battlefield so as not to endanger the lives of physicians.

The broadest application of psychotherapy

In epidemic situations, many psychiatrists had the option of stopping psychotherapy or doing it under the guise of not having information such as facial expressions or switching to online psychotherapy. Despite the limitations of this method of work, the vast majority have switched to using various online psychotherapy platforms.

In situations where a client and a psychiatrist can meet “live”, online psychotherapy is considered a bad substitute because the media causes a lack of information that is important for communication. Says psychiatrist Soren Milivojevic.

“After working in online psychotherapy for nearly half a year, many psychiatrists and clients have concluded that this method of work is adequate and that clients in these situations will also experience the desired changes. However, there is more and more online education that can help psychiatrists use these. , The main problem for some clients is that the privacy of such communications is not adequately guaranteed. They are not ready to “open” some topics With their therapist, this is especially true for clients with confused attitudes, so they refuse to receive this type of help, ”the psychiatrist concludes.

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