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It started: Have you already applied for යුරෝ 60 help?

Citizens’ application for යුරෝ 60 financial aid began at midnight today.

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Photo: Profimmedia

Photo: Profimmedia

This type of financial assistance is part of the third package of government assistance in the fight against the current epidemic.

Last Friday, the law on the provisional registration of senior citizens in Serbia came into force, and Kovid 19 decides who will be paid the financial aid to minimize the consequences of the epidemic, and who can calculate that amount. Read all about registration and payment below.

Who is entitled to 60 donations?

All senior citizens of Serbia residing in the territory of Serbia and having a valid identity card, ie on the date of implementation of the law, ie 60 euros or 30 euros, can receive financial assistance twice.

What about those who become adults in the meantime?

As Finance Minister Xenia Mali explained last month as a guest on Prava TV, registration is open until May – so anyone under the age of 18 between May and November can apply.

Who should apply for help and how?

It has been repeatedly emphasized that retirees, social assistance beneficiaries as well as inmates should not apply for assistance. Aid is paid to them without filing an application.

The above law defines matters as follows:

Beneficiary of the pension Elderly citizen of the Republic of Serbia will receive old age, family, disability pension or temporary compensation on the day this law comes into force – second and third category disabled workers, or children with disabilities and disabled children – Beneficiaries will be covered by Republican Pension and Disability Fund Compensation is based on the payment of the Republican Fund for Pensions and Disability Insurance for the payment of pensions on the date of entry into force of this law, and to whom the payment is made in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in May;

Recipient of financial social assistance Is an adult citizen of the Republic of Serbia and receives financial and social assistance in the sense of the law governing social security to the date of enactment of this law;

An individual in an agency that enforces criminal sanctions On the day of enactment of this law, an adult citizen of the Republic of Serbia is subject to sanctions in prisons in accordance with the law governing the detention, imprisonment, or criminal execution of another offender on the date of enactment of this law.

All other adult citizens Those who are registered in Serbia with your identity card and from midnight can apply through the Treasury website.

Registration is the same as last year when citizens applied for 100 euros in aid. Therefore, on the Treasury Administration website, they must first click on the application field and enter the line card number and the bank where they have an account.

Registration will begin on May 5 through the call center, but the phone number will be announced later and registration will last until May 15.

For යුරෝ 30 + 30 assistance, citizens apply only once, with payments made twice in May and November.

Photo: Kessler Media / Shutterstock

Photo: Kessler Media / Shutterstock

What if you do not have an open bank account?

Citizens who do not have an open account with any bank have to click on the bank through the drop down menu and have an open account. It is not possible to pay a one-time contribution to another person’s account.

“When a senior citizen of the Republic of Serbia has not opened a current account with a bank or is unwilling to pay at a bank with a current account, the Ministry of Finance opens a special account to assist a bank designated by an adult citizen of the Republic of Serbia. The selected bank must open a special account within that paragraph within five days from the date of the request to the Ministry of Finance, ”the law states.

The Bank must notify the Senior Citizen of the Republic of Serbia, his client, in accordance with the mode of communication agreed with the Client (eg letter, e-mail, SMS or e-banking application). The bank account has paid the financial aid.

In the case of retirees, the following are prescribed:

“If the pension beneficiary does not have a mobile account to pay old age, early old age, family, disability pension or temporary compensation – second and third category disabled workers, or the remaining working abilities and disabled children – to the law governing pensions and disability insurance. Accordingly, the recipients of temporary compensation with the Republican Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, i.e. the recipient of financial social assistance, are not required by law to have a current account for the payment of financial social assistance. Accounts will be opened.

Also, the Ministry of Finance will open special accounts for the payment of pensions to several members, for the beneficiaries of the family pension credited to the current account of one member, and for other members who do not have a current account. Financial assistance with the bank “Banka Potanska Tedionica” in Belgrade.

“Banka Potanska Tedionica” in Belgrade is required to open a special purpose account within five days from the date of the request by the Ministry of Finance.

Dedicated accounts are opened for citizens at no cost and are closed after withdrawals.

How is the payment made?

The money will first be given to retirees on May 6, and a day later the money will be given to social assistance beneficiaries and inmates.

Everyone will receive 30 euros in dinars, the other 30 euros in November and retirees another 50 euros in September.

Other citizens will begin paying the first 30 euros on May 12, expecting all payments to be made by May 20, while the other 30 euros can be expected in November.

Also help the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

According to the Ministry of Finance, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija can expect state aid in the third and fourth weeks of May.

All, including children, will receive 100 euros each, and the unemployed over 18 will receive 200 euros each.

From March this year, the government has decided to pay the aid according to the reports made by the commissions.

Payments will be made without registration based on excerpts from reports ending May 1st to May 31st. Payments will be made for dedicated accounts.

Unemployed in Serbia, an additional 60 euros

Also, Citizens of Serbia who are on the National Employment Service record will receive an additional one-time assistance of 60, which will be paid from 1 June. Individuals are paid cash assistance without registration, and the money is paid into special accounts.

According to the National Employment Service, those who applied to the National Employment Service (NES) on April 15 this year will receive a financial aid of 60 euros, and those who register after that date will be able to use other services. NZS, but not to exercise the right to one-time financial assistance. NES stipulates that those who were on the NHS records on April 15 should not apply for financial assistance for payments that can be understood through special accounts opened by Potanska Tedionica Bank.

They explain that in this way the unemployed can receive financial assistance of 120 euros, as they will receive an additional 60 euros as all senior citizens of Serbia, which is also predicted in the third step package.

Benefit of $ 60 Beneficiaries of Unemployment Benefits, cash benefits paid to beneficiaries of active employment policy programs, unemployed and temporarily incapacitated, NES reports on employment, including special cash beneficiaries. Benefits to users of technologically advanced tariffs and temporary compensation paid to displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija.

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