Saturday , May 8 2021

Jankovic made an exception, here's what he said about the criminal act

The Montenegrin national player awarded the penalty 29 minutes
derby with the Vojvodina who is from another Rikardo Gomez
attempts turned into a goal.

The situation that was seen at the end of the half-time of the game was analyzed
Igor Radojcic in "Car Review" on TV Arena
sport and Marko Jankovic gave their opinion on things.

"I never comment on the trial, but I think it was clear
punishment. I was already in front of him and I went to the finish line. He got me
it's enough to fall, I do not have a situation to shut up
Jankovic said.

Radojcic also analyzed the situation in which he was
Nemanja Milojevic defeated Marko Jankovic.

Man lends up for trial analysis at Super League matches in
the Car Review issue said it was in such a situation
Small contact is enough to cause the offense. Analysis of the others
(un) controversial situation from Humske is contained in the attached news.

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